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    • was launched in July 2014, providing leading edge design engineering undergraduate and postgraduate education and research. The School offers a new four-year MEng undergraduate programme in Design Engineering, launched in October 2015, which represents a rigorous approach to design engineering, creativity, commerce and enterprise appropriate to 21st century industry. In addition the School offers the established two double-masters programmes in Innovation Design Engineering (IDE) and Global Innovation Design (GID), run jointly with the Royal College of Art.

      Applications are invited from individuals with a strong academic record (including a relevant PhD or equivalent) in a relevant engineering field (e.g. mechanical, electrical, software or control engineering), or a related field to robotics, computing, manufacturing, intelligent systems, industrial design, or innovation design engineering. Where relevant, experience in a multi- disciplinary context would be desirable. Applicants must have a track record of: high quality research, demonstrated by recent exceptional publications in internationally leading journals and conferences in robotics; and proven teaching excellence. Applicants are required to submit together with their applications their 4 best journal papers published since January 2010.

      Successful candidates will be expected to contribute to undergraduate and postgraduate teaching and to play a leading role in developing the School’s research in the relevant area, building on and extending the School’s current activities.

      Informal enquiries may be made to Dr Petar Kormushev (p.kormushev鸿运彩软件下载@imperial.ac.uk) and Prof. Peter Childs (p.childs鸿运彩软件下载@imperial.ac.uk) who is Head of the Dyson School of Design Engineering.

      Job details

      • Location: London, South Kensington
      • Salary: £57,020 per annum
      • Hours: Full Time
      • Contract Type: Permanent
      • Application deadline: 15th July 2016

      How to apply

      The preferred method of application is online via the website (please select “Job Search/Academic” then the job title or vacancy reference number, EN20160173AM). Please complete and upload an application form as directed.

      Further information is available at:

    People will turn partially into 鸿运彩软件下载

    Sorry, this entry is only available in Български.

    I received the 2013 John Atanasoff award

    I was awarded by the President of Bulgaria with the prestigious John Atanasoff award in 2013.

    The award is named after Prof. John Vincent Atanasoff, an American physicist of Bulgarian descent who was the inventor of the first electronic digital computer ABC.

    The 33-year-old scientist in the area of information technology, Dr. Petar Kormushev, became the holder of the 2013 John Atanasoff аward. Petar Kormushev has been nominated for the award for his work in robotics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. The distinction was given to him by the President of Bulgaria, Mr. Rosen Plevneliev, at a ceremony in Sofia on October 4th, 2013. Other you鸿运彩软件下载ng scientists were singled out with diplomas.

    Photos from the award ceremony

    Pizza robot 鸿运彩软件下载@ AAAI 2011

    At the international conference AAAI 2011 in San Francisco, my colleague Sylvain and I presented our pizza-making robot.

    The event was the so-called “Robotic Challenge 鸿运彩软件下载@ AAAI”, and this year the topic was “Food preparation”.

    Our robot is a modified Barrett WAM 7-dof robot arm manipulator, with a wooden rolling pin at the end-effector.

    The robot learns from demonstrations how to roll out the pizza dough, in order to make the most perfect circular pizzas! Below you鸿运彩软件下载 can see a video of the Robotic Challenge event, and here are a few photos of our setup:

    Learning from Demonstration Robotics Challenge 鸿运彩软件下载@ AAAI 2011
    Video credit: Brandon Rohrer